These services are provided by Pascal Education to education agencies and individuals

Bank Account

A bank account is an essential need from the moment you arrive in Ireland. For this reason, it is extremely important to open at least one bank account as soon as possible. One of the mandatory documents in proof of adress and visa applications is a bank statement.

In order to open a bank account, it is necessary to make an appointment first, after the appointment is made within a long period of 7 or 10 working days, the necessary files are prepared, and the application is made. Even if problems occur rarely during the application, generally the bank card is sent to the address within an average of 1 week after the application is completed.

Because of the network we have established with contracted banks, as the Pascal family, in order to avoid such a waste of time and the possibility of problems in the application process, you will be able to apply for your card with the necessary documents directly from the bank branch contracted with Pascal. All the process will take 1 to 2 days.


No one plans to get sick or hurt, but most people need medical care at some point. Health insurance covers these costs and offers many other important benefits. Health insurance protects you from unexpected, high medical costs. You pay less for covered in-network health care, even before you meet your deductible.

Health insurance provides important financial protection in case you have a serious accident or sickness. People without health coverage are exposed to these costs. This can sometimes lead people without coverage into deep debt.

We offer insurance packages suitable for every budget to both our students and new friends. The insurance service we offer is based on the assurance of reliable and quality insurance companies. For this reason, we are at your side as a Pascal family in any problem that you may be faced, and we solve your problems with the confidence and assurance of insurance companies.